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About DanceMaster - Features

Karaoke Cue Cards - Never worry about loosing your place in the dance again! More about Karaoke functions..

Remote Control - Start & stop the music, change the speed and/or volume, turn cues on or off from the floor! More about Remote Control..

Dance History - See how often you are doing the same dances, see what you cued here last month or last year. See Dance History screen..

Hotlist - Don't forget to "refresh" the dances you taught last week, last month, last season. See Hotlist screen..

Bookmarks - Essential for teaching a dance. Start the music at trouble spots using the remote control. More on Bookmarks..

Playlist - A convenient way to print the evening's program or email a list of preferred dances to a festival planner, besides being a good tool at the dance. See Playlist screen..

Dance Modules - A way to wrap up a whole dance - music, cues, timing, data etc. into one file to transfer it easily to another computer. More on Dance Modules..

About DanceMaster - Tour the DanceMaster Player

What is it? - A general description of what DanceMaster Player is and what it is used for. More about the Player..

What does it do? - More detail about the program's functions and features in the Basic and Advanced Editions.

How does it make a cuer's life easier? - What DanceMaster can do for you. See cuer functions..

What does it look like? - See the Player Screens..

What is it like to use it? - Some ways you might use DanceMaster Player.

What does it cost? - How much will the Player cost depends on what parts you want to use. More on cost..

How do I get it and set it up? - How to get the program, record songs, write cue cards and enter data to setup the Player. Getting the player..

What do I need to run it? - Minimum system requirements to use the Player. See Requirements under UseDM.