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How can the DM Player make life easier for me as a Cuer?

DanceMaster is a tool that helps you perform many of the tasks involved in cueing more easily and efficiently.  It is designed to be as easy to use and as unobtrusive, yet as convenient, as possible.

DanceMaster shows your cues on the screen as the music plays.  It scrolls the cue sheet and even keeps track of what figure in the dance is playing!   

Selecting Dances
DanceMaster Player gives you a menu of dances to choose from, either at a dance or putting a program together in advance.

By Rhythm, Phase
Sometimes, you what a particular rhythm ("It's time for a waltz.") or phase ("I'd better do something in phase III now."). With a couple of keystrokes, DanceMaster will filter the menu to show you only dances of a particular rhythm, phase, or both (for instance, only phase III waltzes).

By Frequency / Popularity
Because DanceMaster keeps track of what dances you cue and where you cue them, it can tell you which dances you are cueing a lot at a given place, (Are you getting into a rut?) and which ones you might be neglecting. You can even have DanceMaster remind you to "refresh" certain dances every so often.

By Repertoire
In a class situation, it is sometimes nice to be able to see a list of dances that this group has done before, either to "refresh" them or to give the dancers something they know to relax with.

Before a dance, you can use the menu to make a list of dances to play during the evening. You can re-arrange the list to your heart's content, then once the dance is underway, you can play your selections by clicking "Next Dance". Of course, you can add and remove selections as you go along.

You aren't restricted to cueing from the list - at any point you can choose a dance from the menu, from somewhere in the list, or just click "Next Dance".

You can save your list to disk, then load it into DanceMaster at the dance.

Playing Dances
Once you have selected a dance to play, DanceMaster shows you the cues, the sound file name,and a lot more information about the dance. It reminds you about the "Plus" figures and any notes you might have made, lets you set the playback speed and the starting point (like dropping the needle on a record).

DanceMaster lets you mark spots in the dance where you can start and stop playing. This is very handy for teaching - you can play just part B or keep repeating that difficult sequence in part C over and over until they learn it.