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DanceMaster Users Group - DMUG

About DMUG
DMUG is a user group on Google Groups. It allows you to ask questions, see answers to questions others have asked, make suggestions for improvements and lots more. You will receive a copy of all messages posted to the group by email, but you can choose to receive just a summary, or no mail at all.

DMUG is where notice of updates to DanceMaster will be posted, so if you choose not to receive mail from it, stop by there or the DanceMaster website every now and then to check. (To download Advanced Edition updates, you will need your User Name and registration key.)

You will get an invitation to join the DanceMaster Users Group when you register your DanceMaster software.

To become a full member of the community (to do anything more than receive and send email, in fact) you will have to register your email address with Google Groups. That is a safe thing to do, and will not result in SPAM. When you do, I urge you to set up a personal profile with at least your name and geographical location, so the rest of us will know who your are.

Unsubscribe from DMUG
You can unsubscribe from the group through Google's web interface or via email. To unsubscribe from the group through the web interface, just click the "Edit my membership" link on the right-hand side of the group's homepage. Then click the "Unsubscribe" button on the page that appears.

To unsubscribe from the group via email, send an email to DanceMaster Users

If you want to continue your membership in the group, but don't want to receive group email, select the "No Email" option on the left side of the Edit My Membership page and click "Save these settings."