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Dance Modules

A "dance" is made up of several parts; there are the music and cue cards, of course, plus the full cue sheet, the karaoke timing information, and perhaps your voice cues - all in separate files in different folders on your disk. In addition, there is the "dance data" - the name, phase, rhythm, chorreograpner, "plus" figures, etc. - everything you see on the Dance Details screen. Copying that dance to another computer (from your desktop to your laptop, for instance) is a pain in the neck.

Dance Modules are a way to make moving dances between computers quite painless. Rather than copying each of the files to the proper folders and then re-entering the dance data, you can gather all the pieces of a dance into one file (a dance module), transfer that file to another computer, then import that dance into DanceMaster on the destination computer. In a few seconds, the dance will be loaded and ready to play.

You can use Dance Modules to back up your dances as whole dances, rather than individual files.

Dance Modules are also a good way to submit dances to a festival programmer, so that when it is your turn to cue, your dances can be already loaded into the master computer, with your timing and your bookmarks.

The DanceMaster Player can create and import Dance Modules that contain an entire dance.

The DanceMaster Porter is a tool that takes the Dance Module concept one step farther. Using the DanceMaster Porter, you can select one or many dances to include in a module. Furthermore, you can select which parts of the dances you want to include. You can elect to include or drop the record information (i.e. Grenn #14773), the voice files, the timing information, etc. And when you use the Porter to import dances, you can choose which dances from the module to import, and which parts of the dances as well.