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DanceMaster Software

is a trio of round dance computer software programs. These programs will work together (or alone) to make your life as a cuer easier and more organized. You can use any or all of the programs, depending on your particular needs.

Windows 11 Issues
  DanceMaster still works with Windows 11, but it is an old program, and on some computers installing it is a little more difficult.  If you run into trouble the steps in THIS DOCUMENT may help. 

The DanceMaster Record Librarian
  can help you organize and keep track of your dances and records, print lists of your dances sorted in a variety of ways (including making "Request Menus" for your dancers); find dances and records, and print record "jackets".

The DanceMaster Player
  lets you use your laptop computer instead of mini-disks or records to teach and cue round dances. You don't need to carry boxes of records or a stack of mini-disks and notebook of cue cards to a dance because all the music and cues are in the computer.

  The DanceMaster Player can do everything a mini-disk player can do (only better), but that is just the starting point. DanceMaster does MUCH more. (Click on any of the text below for an explanation.) Player is designed to be easy to use on stage, where you have enough to think about already - you don't want to have to concentrate on a computer program. That is why all the buttons are big, brightly colored and logically placed - it is easy to find and click on the button you want.

The DanceMaster Porter

is a computer program used by round dance cuers to transport DanceMaster "dance modules" from one computer to another.

In order to use the DanceMaster Porter, you must have a registered copy of the DanceMaster Player installed on your computer. It doesn't need to be the Advanced Edition, but it does need to be registered.

NOTE: The current edition of DanceMaster is fully functional under under all versions of Windows except Windows RT. (To print reports under Windows 7, 8 or 10, you may have to start the Librarian by right-clicking on the icon on your desktop and choosing "Run as Administrator".)

The BASIC EDITION of the DanceMaster Player:

  • Makes ALL your music conveniently available ALL the time. More..
  • Makes it easier to select dances to play. More..
  • Makes it easy and convenient to program your dances in advance. More..
  • Remembers the way you like your music. More..
  • Makes teaching a little easier. More..
and the ADVANCED EDITION does all that PLUS
  • Lets you use a REMOTE CONTROL. More..
  • Makes sure you don't loose your place on the cue card. More..
  • Starts the music at any point in the dance by clicking on a cue. More..
  • Keeps track of what dances you cue and where you cue them. More..
  • Reminds you when it is time to "refresh" recently taught dances. More..
All of that helps make DanceMaster Software Suite the most useful tools a cuer can own.