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About the Remote Control
(Advanced Edition only)

Remote control hook up to a PC.AT LAST! No more running up to the computer (or depending on an assistant) to select, start and stop the music when you're teaching a dance!

Now, with a shirt-pocket sized remote control you can not only select, start and stop the music, you can also turn the cues on and off, adjust the cue volume, the music volume, and even the dance speed. And because the remote communicates using radio waves instead of infrared light, it doesn't matter if there are dancers between you and the computer.

If you are cueing from the stage, your assistant can use the remote to flash messages ("More music, please" or "Cues down, please") on the computer screen instead of waving his or her arms from across the hall.

In order to do that, you'll need to buy the remote control transmitter (model HR12A Palm Pad (about $20) AND the model CM19A USB reciever (about $50) from You can also choose to get the KR22A - small, 8-button transmitter that can't perform all the functions, but is much less obtrusive in your pocket. That one is also about $20.

(To save you from having to visit X10's slightly seedy corner of the Web, I usually have a supply of these things that you can order from me for about the same price.)

The transmitter goes with you out onto the dance floor, and the receiver plugs into a port on your computer. There it receives the commands you send from the remote and passes them to DanceMaster, which does whatever you're asking for. There are more details here.

Just to make your life easier still, there is a template that you can print to use for the button labels here.