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What Do I Have to Do to Set Up The Player?

The first thing you have to do is, of course, to get the program.

Then you have to:

Record Songs

The best way to get your music into your computer is to use a sound editor such as Audacity or GoldWave. These are to sound files as a word processor is to text files - they let you create and edit sound files on your computer. Audacity is free, and you can try Goldwave before you buy it.

If you have already recorded your music on mini-disks and done any necessary editing, you could possibly get by with a free "jukebox" program such as MusicMatch or RealPlayer but I really don't recommend it. You will save yourself a lot of time and frustration, and get better results, with a sound editor.

Write Cue Cards

DanceMaster can handle cue cards in three formats:

  • Scanned (.BMP) files

  • Microsoft Word (.DOC) files (in a 5x7 form)

  • Rich Text Format (.RTF) files

RTF is the ONLY recommended format for several reasons:

  1. Karaoke (auto-scrolling) cue cards only work with RTF files.

  2. DanceMaster doesn't have to load MS Word in order to read them.

  3. RTF cue cards will develop other nifty talents in future versions of DanceMaster.

If you already have your cue cards in long form in Word or Word Perfect, it is trivial to re-save them in RTF format.

and Enter The Data