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DanceMaster Updates

Once you have installed DanceMaster on your computer you will be able to update to the latest version by downloading it from these pages. These files don't contain the Set-Up program and OS components, so they are much smaller than the full installer. If you have the Advanced Edition, you will have to login to the Advanced Updates page with your registration name and number. Remember to not use any spaces or "&" in your name - i.e. "Clark & Sandy Godfrey" would become ClarkSandyGodfrey".

Click on the links at the left to download the corresponding files. When asked, choose "Save this program to disk". A directory window will open, asking you where to put the file. Save it to your desktop, then double-click on it to run it. You can copy it to any other DanceMaster computers you have, and when you are through, you can delete it.

Remember, you don't want to try to use these files unless you have already installed DanceMaster on your computer, either from the CD that I sent you or by downloading the full installer from the Downloads page.

Recent Changes

Version 3.5a - November, 2008

This update corrects a long-standing bug in the way that bookmarks are stored. It includes an updated DB Mod utility which will fix bookmarks in old databases to work with the new Player.

Version 3.5 - October, 2008

The biggest changes have been "under the hood" - a few long-standing bugs fixed and a new internal structure for Dance Modules. But there are a few new features as well.

  • Fixes a problem with the Remote Control that was introduced when X-10 changed the way the transmitter works. Also re-arranges the location of some of the buttons.
  • Enables the use of the <F12> key to set bookmark #1 (for those of you whose computers won't let you use the <F1> key).
  • Adds a ninth bookmark (using the <F9> key).
  • The "+" and "-" keys now control the music volume on the Play screen.
  • The Player now exist cleanly when you close it - it doesn't leave any fragments running in the background.
  • Dance Modules have been re-structured for greater speed and reliability. The Player now exports.DM3 modules (which previous versions can't read). It CAN import most .DM2 modules, though.

Version 3.4 - February, 2008

This is, of course, the long-awaited Vista compatible version of the DanceMaster player. (It should work equally well on Windows XP.) In addition to running on old and new computers, this version fixes a few long-standing bugs in the player and adds a few new features.

  • It is now much easier to rearrange dances in "Tonight's Program".
  • The Dance Log screen is now expandable.
  • Several issues with the Timer have been fixed
  • Double-clicking an entry on the Playlist now opens it in the Play screen.
  • The dance list automatically refreshes after a dance has been added or deleted in the Dance Details screen.
  • If there is no default venue, instead of complaining about it, the program now assigns the first one in the Venues list.
  • The Venues screen has been civilized somewhat.
  • The Player no longer crashes when you load a playlist that contains a dance which has been deleted.
  • Your assistant can now signal you from the floor using the remote to tell you that the music and cues are "Okay", as well as telling you that they need adjustment.

And there may be a few others that I don’t remember.

Plus, of course, the handling of Dance Modules has been completely re-written. Note that this means that older versions cannot read Dance Modules created by version 3.4. (3.4 CAN read version 3.3 dance modules, though.) This may cause some awkwardness for a while, for which I apologize, but it should straighten itself out as soon as everybody updates to version 3.4.

Version 3.3 - April, 2007

  • Runs under Windows Vista - except for Dance Modules.
  • The Dance History table in the database file is no longer created on the fly when the program loads.
  • Edited dances are no longer reassigned to the Dummy Song.

Version 3.2 - August 2006

Adds DATABASE BACKUP and RESTORE to make it easier to prevent a disaster.
Adds DANCE MODULES to easily move dances between computers.

In addition:

  • DM no longer crashes if the voice intro is more than 30 seconds long. It still won't let you DO that, but at least it doesn't crash.
  • The blank rhythm in the Dance Details Rhythms list has been removed, and both that and the Categories list now default to "ALL".
  • The Player now attaches new dances to the Dummy Song when you enter them, so you can now see new dances in the Record Librarian.
  • It no longer displays a black "Name" field on the Dance Details screen with some non-standard Windows themes.
  • You can now enter a "0" (zero) in the "Plus" field on the Dance Details screen.
  • You can scroll through your list of venues using the up and down arrow keys.
  • You can double-click on a dance in the Playlist screen to load that dance in the Play screen.
  • The "Resume Previous Session" button would cause a crash if you had deleted one of the dances it was trying to resume. Now it handles that situation more gracefully.
  • Having a "zero-length" voice cues file name no longer causes it to crash.
  • It now uses the bookmark lead time correctly.
  • Loading a saved playlist now clears the previously loaded playlist.
  • If you have the Select Screen on top and you press the "PLAY" button on the remote, DM will not crash but will simply play that dance - provided:
    1) You have opened the Play screen at least once. If not, it will beep at you.
    2) There is a music file for the selected dance. If not, Winamp will crash and you will have to close and restart the Player. That should be fixed in a future release.
    3) You have downloaded Winamp 5.24 or later and installed it into your DanceMaster\Winamp folder. Earlier versions of Winamp might or might not work with a given dance.

Version 3.1 - February 2006

  • Keyboard operation
    Now you can use the keyboard to perform many of the functions you need on the stage - starting and stoping the music, changing the speed, scrolling the cue card, turning voice and/or intros on or off, etc.
  • Remote control: CM19A (USB Remote) support / multiple code sets
    You can use either the serial interface MR26A or the USB interface CM19A remote control receiver, and you can pre-define up to three code sets (house code / bank switch combinations) for use with each receiver. You can easily switch between code sets if you need to do so in a hurry.
  • 8 Comm ports for the remote control
    This makes it easier to configure your serial remote if you choose to use that one.
  • Allows new Venue name to be typed in the Main Menu
    You still need to go to the Venues screen and add it there – just be sure to spell it the same way. But this saves time when you get to the dance and discover that you forgot to create a venue for it. (Note - this feature was removed in 3.4)
  • "Needs Fixing" button on Play Screen / Report of dances Needing Fixing (in the Librarian)
    When you run out of cues before you run out of music at a dance, just click this to remind yourself to do something about that when you get home. Librarian can print a report of dances that need fixing.
  • Dances can be in more than one Category
    Now the same dance can be in “New Dances”, “Romantic”, “Cue & Do”, and “Christmas” and will pop up when any of those categories are selected.
  • Progressive search in Categories & Rhythms on the Dance Details Screen
    When entering a Category or Rhythm, just type one or two letters of its name to select it.

    Version 3.0e - October 2004

    This update fixes the not-saving-bookmarks problem, and while I was in there, I tweaked a few other things as well.

    The Player now actually uses the Bookmark Lead Time, so the music will start a bit before the bookmark.

    I removed that annoying "Bonk" (or "Beep", depending on your Windows version) that happened whenever you opened the Play screen for the first time.

    Your Cuer's Assistant can request speed changes using the remote control, the same way (s)he can do with voice and music volume. When you use the "Speed" button on the remote it will either change the playback speed (by 1/2 RPM at a time), or flash a message on the Play screen, depending on the Main Menu setting.

    You can turn Voice Intros on or off from the floor using the remote control. (You're welcome, Chuck.) Use the "Speech" button (third button, left column), then "ON" or "OFF". Of course, that only has an effect if Voice Cues are on.
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